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Song List
Song List

AMAZING GRACE (preview sample) - Uplifting, easy listening, contemporary version of Amazing Grace. Classical bagpipes followed by delicate rhythm, bass guitar, synth pads arpeggios, & acoustic bowed strings.

AVE MARIA ON THE PREDULE OF J.S.BACH (preview sample) - Elegant beautiful friendly and inspirational modern arrangement. Majestic sweet easy listening version with delicate slow rhythm, nice violin playing the melody.

ALOHA OE (preview sample) - Instrumental easy listening version of well known and popular song Aloha Oe. Arranged in a dance-shuffle rhythm, acoustic guitar, hawaiian guitar and many more. Main theme played by harmonica.

BACH PRELUDE in CM PRAELUDIUM 2 BWV 847 (preview sample) - Well known piece of JS. BACH arranged in a contemporary soft rock arrangement, electric fuzz guitar playing the main theme, with the rock drum rhythm, acoustic bass guitar, and heavy metal type guitar.

F.CHOPIN NOCTURNE No.2 in E- FLAT MAJOR Op.9-2 (preview sample) - The famous F.Chopin Nocturne No.2 in E-flat major Op.9-2 arranged in a new modern and friendly easylistening version.

GIOACHINO ROSSINI- WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE (preview sample) - Very known classical music piece, also arranged and played by Mike Oldfield. Here you can hear the classical symphonic orchestra + gentle modern groove rhythm, which gives a new mood for this song.

JINGLE BELLS (preview sample) - Famous Christmas carol arranged in a very dancing, joyful, and instrumental version.

JINGLE BELLS - Reggae Version (preview sample) - Jingle Bells - very known Christmas carol arranged in a reggae light, joyful, and easy listening instrumental version. Christmas feeling !!!

MINUET BOCCHERINI (preview sample) - The famous baroque Minuet in A op 2 no.6 by Luigi BOCCHERINI arranged in a joyful easylistening modern hiphop/urban style mixed with classical orchestra elements.

PACHELBEL'S CANON (preview sample) - Arrangement of a known classical piece of music. Composed by german Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel, known also as the "Canon In D Major," or the "Christmas Canon". Here presented in a modern, friendly, and easylistening version.

SCOTT JOPLIN - THE ENTERTAINER (preview sample) - The Entertainer of Scott Joplin famous ragtime re-arranged and played in a modern pop groove rhythm version including modern instruments.

TCHAIKOVSKY - PIANO CONCERTO No. 1 (preview sample) - The fragment of the well known Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto no. 1 in a relaxing, instrumental and modern easy listening version. Mix of acoustic real piano and violins with electronic support and a smooth delicate rhythm.

TREFLER - MELLOW SONG (preview sample) - Mellow instrumental music, very beautiful, tender, romantic and easy listening version. Acoustic piano carries the sweet romantic melody, with a chillout rhythmic section.

TREFLER SONG (preview sample) - New age instrumental style, sweet piano and sax instrumental song. Ideal for the film music, or background music.

WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS (preview sample) - Instrumental rock and orchestra choir, and bells remix of a classic Christmas carol, this track will be able to really get the feeling of Christmas and the heavy rock gig, everything in a Seasonal Christmas mood.

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